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Ray Samuels Letter Presented to the Palo Alto Taser Task Force

Published 2007

The police chief in Palo Alto CA wants Tasers. The City Council appointed a task force to advise the Council. The police chief in Palo Alto told the the task force that Ray Samuels, the police chief in Newark CA known for his opposition to Tasers, was "beginning to lean more and more" towards Tasers. Ray Samuels sent a letter declaring that he remains steadfastly opposed to Tasers, "because the risk of unintended death is too high". Aram James, of the Coalition for Justice and Accountability, reads that letter to the task force, in the presence of the Palo Alto police chief, on March 27 2007. See the response of the task force. Compare that with their complete acceptance of the Palo Alto police chief's misrepresentation of Ray Samuels' position on Tasers. Ask why the Palo Alto police chief felt the need to misrepresent the facts. Listen to the silence.

Follow this link to presentation of Aram James, Coalition for Justice and Accountability

Follow this link to presentation of Mark Schlosberg, ACLU

Follow this link to public comments to the task force

Follow this link to final position statements of task force members

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